Sunrise Dragons
Beauty Interrupted - Persephone
New Double Life
Zygotic State
Swamp Statues
Fire Dragon Staff
Olga Light
Tree Space
Something Solid Into Something Soft As Air
Ghost Light
Graffitti Removal
Shimmer Rabbit
Light Mandala
Merge fractal fest
Full Moon Face
Sun Lotus
Theater Faces
George and The
George Cross
Order Chaos Lily

Metaphor, Myth and Magic become Real. Faces appear in clouds and shadows. A fire spinner fights imaginary dragons and is stabbed by his own staff. An angry graffiti removal face peers back dripping red questions censorship. Theater ghosts come to life.

In this series I attempt to explore the the constructed nature of individual perspective by inviting you to experience the world with imagination and wonder. 

Perhaps I see something else, perhaps it's imaginary. Perhaps it's all a matter of where you stand and how you look. Isn't everything? 

Love looks not with the eyes but with the heart - Alexander McQueen

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